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Electrical FAQ

Here are a few basic answers to popular electrical questions asked by our clients in the Ft. Lauderdale, Broward and Palm Beach County area. Please note however that we recommend that you always use the services of a qualified and certified electrician to avoid damage and injury.

I need to replace a breaker, but I don't know what kind it is. Are they all the same?

No. The easiest way is to bring in the old breaker with you to ensure you buy the right kind of breaker. If you do not have the old breaker, the brand name of your service box might allow us to find the right kind of breaker.

One of my breakers tripped. Is it dangerous?

Tripping breakers are usually the result of an overloaded circuit, which isn't a danger in itself. We recommend, if that is the case, that you try running fewer appliances on the circuit, which should fix the problem. If however an overloaded circuit is not the source of your breaker tripping, you might be dealing with something more serious like a short, defective wire, plug or socket, in which case we recommend you call a qualified electrician without delay.

Can I install a larger fuse to prevent it from tripping?

In most cases the answer is no. Fuses are designed to blow when the charge reaches a certain level in order to protect both your appliances and your safety.

The plug from our dryer doesn't fit the receptacle in our new house. Can I fix this?

If the receptacle doesn't fit the plug, it will need to be changed. Again, we strongly recommend you trust a certified electrician to do this.

What is a transformer?

A transformer is a device that converts voltage. In most homes, transformers reduce the voltage for use on low-voltage equipment, such as thermostats and doorbells.

Electrical Tips

You probably think that air-conditioning is the biggest contributor to your electrical bill. The truth is, your lighting costs can amount to just as much.

Anything that you do to make your lighting more efficient will result in a rebate from FPL.

To find out how you can qualify for a rebate and reduce your lighting cost, call us for your free evaluation.

A central home lighting control system can control all or part of your lighting from a central location and avoid unsightly and confusing multiple light switches.The door phone system allows you to use any phone in your home or office to answer the door.

Electrical wiring is not a hobby.

Electrical installations and services deserve serious and careful consideration and should not be handled by nonprofessionals.

Safety, competency and reputability should be your prime concerns when choosing a professional contractor.

Did you know?

Hiring an unlicensed, uninsured amateur to do a professional electrical contractor's work could result in great expense and unanticipated aggravation? Were you aware that if such an amateur gets hurt while working in your home, it could result in an expensive and tedious law suit, costing you precious time and money?

Be alert, be aware and be smart!

Protect yourself by hiring reputable, licensed and insured contractors