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Enhance Your Home's Security And Beautify Every Room

Technology now exists to address virtually any lighting need
for your home or business and save you money!

  • Create extra security, energy savings, ambiance and prestige for your home, with the simple press of a button.
  • Save up to 40% on the lighting portion of your utility bill! Dimming saves energy and helps lamps last longer!
  • Turn on house lights from your car - never enter a dark house again!
  • Program your entire home's lighting to function on an astronomic time clock for an occupied look.
  • Lighting may be linked to a security system and motion sensor for added safety!
  • Minimize wall clutter and confusion from an unappealing bank of switches and knobs to a simple keypad.
  • Add prestige and value of your home and landscape, lending balance, warmth, elegance and harmony to your home's appeal.
  • Our system is easy to install and add on to, and you can take it with you when you move!

S. C. Electric, Inc. now provides the allure and comfort of integrated lighting control systems designed for homeowners whose lifestyles and tastes require the ultimate in sophistication and elegant simplicity. You will be astounded at what today's technology in dimming and mood lighting can do for your home or business! We have available for you the latest in state of the art wireless whole-home lighting control systems that can be installed in any residence or commercial institution, quickly and easily. Let us introduce you to the many features and applications of our new lighting integration and home automation system, which you can customize and control for your safety, peace of mind and comfort.

Safety and Peace of Mind

Our systems help manage and monitor lighting from any designated area in your home or office, adding convenience and security to a sophisticated and elegant and precise lighting system. By simply replacing existing wall switches with dimmers and just adding a master control, you can monitor and control all lighting throughout your home from any convenient location. From a single location you can turn off or on your entire house

Easy Installation and Cost Effective Maintenance

Our lighting systems use radio frequency communication, in lieu of utilizing house wiring, thus avoiding the hassle and cost of tearing walls apart for rewiring! Using dimmers throughout your home can shave off you up to 25% of your monthly light utility bill and also double or even triple the longevity of your light bulbs!


We guarantee the system's reliability of zero interference, as it will not accept stray signals from other radio frequency systems in your area. Uses circuitry similar to that found in surge suppression outlet strips, safeguarding it from lighting or power surges. If power is lost or disabled, a master control (memory chip) will maintain all system's programming.

Functional for Your Lifestyle

Enables you to design functional and mood enhancing lighting scenes throughout your home. Customize your home's lighting to conform to your lifestyle and needs, depending on the individual and familial use of each room. The system has a memory chip which captures lighting scene designed and set by you, that can be recalled at the touch of a button.

Aesthetics, Elegance and Prestige

Your home is your castle and should have the appearance of all that represents your grand lifestyle - Security and comfort; Simple beauty and elegance; Pride and prestige.

Our easy to install systems can be designed for your specific needs and preferences. You may start out with just one room, and keep adding on to the basic package as you become accustomed to its function and convenience. Three dimmers installed can make a huge difference in your ability to totally change the look and mood of a room with one click at your command! Allow us to acquaint you with the versatility, simplicity and comfort of our whole-home integrated lighting systems. We promise to fascinate you with all the possibilities that our dimming and mood lighting technology can offer to your home's environment and aesthetics, and with how easily it can be installed and programmed.

Landscape Lighting

  • For safety and security in lighting walkways, driveways and entrances
  • To add ambiance and further enhance your outdoor landscapes
  • To creatively illuminate fountains, statues, decks, patio, pool areas
  • To provide state of the art fixtures and outlets for Christmas and other holiday lighting, outdoor parties and gatherings
  • Create special lighting effects and colorful "eveningscapes"

There's nothing as breathtaking and visually appealing as beautiful illumination for the exterior of your home or business.
Let us the design and install your outdoor lighting needs . We will work hand in hand with your landscape architect to provide you with the best lighting design to enhance the exterior of your home or business.

For more information about our company, please contact us by phone at (954) 732-8368 or by email.

Electrical Tips

  • Circuit - This is the path an electric current travels from where it enters your house, through a panel, across wires and finally into an electrical device, then back to its origination point.
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter - Known as the GFCI, this is a special circuit breaker installed in bathrooms, garages, and outdoors and garage locations. When a current leakage occurs the GFCI opens the circuit immediately, stopping the electricity from running to it.
  • Circuit breakers - Heavy duty safety switches that serve the same purpose as fuses.
  • Grounding - This requires all metal parts of any wiring system or anything connected to it will be maintained at 0 volts during a short circuit to protect shock or death.